Company profile

We believe that sustainable development is built on confidence and long-term partnership. It is our goal to meet entirely the energy needs of our customers and to ensure the security of energy supply at any time.

Company Profile

EVN Trading South East Europe (EVN Trading) is a Bulgarian company, part of the Austrian corporation EVN - leading energy group with many years of experience and over 4.7 million customers in European energy markets.

EVN Trading is on the Bulgarian market since 2008, trading in electricity in five more countries in the region: Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Hungary. The company is registered on several power exchanges: the Bulgarian (IBEX), the German (EEX), the Hungarian (HUPX), the Greek (HENEX) and the Romanian (OPCOM).

EVN Trading carries out its trading activity in two main directions:
  • trade on the Bulgarian market with an end customer;
  • cross-border trade;

The company shares the know-how from many years of experience on the liberalized market, acquired in EVN group of companies and successfully applies it on the Bulgarian market. Having the practice and competencies gained, EVN Trading manages one of the largest balancing groups in Bulgaria and is ranked among the leading energy suppliers in our country.


EVN Trading South East Europe is a holder of:
  • certificate of conformity for the quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001;
  • environmental management system certificate according to ISO 14001.

EVN Group

A leading company in the group of companies is EVN AG which shares are traded on Vienna Stock Exchange in Austria. EVN group companies offer electricity, gas, heating, water, purification of drinking water, waste incineration and the related energy services to 4,7 million customers in total of 16 countries.
EVN is one of the largest investors in Bulgaria - since 2005 the company has made over BGN 1,800,000,000 in investments.