Vision and mission

We believe that sustainable development is built on confidence and long-term partnership. It is our goal to meet entirely the energy needs of our customers and to ensure the security of energy supply at any time.

Dynamic, responsible and international

Our Vision

As a company which offers energy services in tune with the environment we are responsible for the daily needs of our customers and through our reliable and high quality work we make a sustainable contribution to improving their quality of life.

Our mission

We create value and through our responsibility and high cost efficiency we ensure long-term success. To meet the expectations of our customers and partners as effectively as possible we set high requirements for quality – both with the products and servicing.

The sustainable achievements in the electricity supply suggest excellent knowledge, high efficiency, the most modern infrastructure and continuous readiness for innovation.

The mission of EVN Trading is:
  • to guarantee a secure and cost effective supply of electric energy to all EVN customers in Southeast Europe;
  • fully to satisfy the energy needs of its customers, thus giving them the opportunity to focus on their main activities;
  • to optimize the portfolio of EVN group in the region.