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Serving of electricity producers

Our team performs the change of balancing group coordinator and takes over the subsequent communication with the grid companies.

You can also trust us in forecasting your production – our experts have long-standing experience.

In order not to have to work at the weekend, we can submit your schedules in ESO for you.

We fully assist the newly built power plants in registering and commissioning. We provide balancing and energy purchase services during the 72-hour tests.

We can be your energy partner, because we are:
  • one of the leading suppliers of electricity for more than 10 years now;
  • professionals with long-standing experience;
  • with more than 2 000 customers in the free electricity market;
  • with more than BGN 200 million of annual turnover;
  • a fair payer to its suppliers and to the state, including "Public service obligations";
  • a secure and financially stable partner;
  • an active player in power exchanges in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Hungary and Germany.