Brief history

EVN Trading is 100% subsidiary of "EVN Bulgaria” EAD. It was established in 2007 as a response to the quest for development and expansion of EVN Group in Southeast Europe and in view of the anticipated at that time liberalisation of the energy markets.


October 2007: Foundation of “EVN Trading South East Europe” EAD, Sofia, Bulgaria

November 2007: Establishment of subsidiary in Macedonia - "EVN Trading" DOOEL Skopje, Macedonia

January 2008: Establishment of subsidiary in Serbia - "EVN Trading" DOO Belgrade

April 2008: Acquiring electricity trading license in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia

May 2009: First transaction with carbon emissions (CO2)

July 2009: Acquiring license for electricity trading in Greece

November 2010: Formation of Romanian branch

May 2011: Acquiring license for electricity trading in Romania

October 2012: Licensed as a Coordinator of balancing group in Bulgaria

November 2012: First deals on the Romanian power exchange

May 2013: Acquiring electricity trading license in Hungary

September 2013: Registration on the Greek electricity exchange

March 2014: Registration as a “balancing group coordinator”
January 2015: Establishment of subsidiary in Kosovo – “EVN Trading” L.L.C. Pristina

March 2015: Registration on Hungarian Power exchange HUPX

June 2015: Acquiring License for electricity trading in Kosovo

July 2015: First transactions for intraday trading in Macedonia and Serbia

December 2015: Registration on the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX)

January 2016: First transactions on the Bulgarian power exchange IBEX
September 2016: Registration on the Centralized market for bilateral contracts of IBEX

November 2019: The first deal for XBID - one European market within a day

January 2020: Registration of EEX - the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig, Germany