We manage imbalances

We are a licensed balancing group coordinator and we can support you in the management of your imbalances.


EVN Trading holds a license for a coordinator of:
  • a standard balancing group, which includes end customers, electricity producers and traders,
  • a combined balancing group which includes electricity producers only.

As a balancing group coordinator EVN Trading contributes to reducing the cost of inaccurate consumption or production forecast (the so-called imbalance). The balancing group (BG) “generates” savings for its members because aggregated hourly surpluses and shortages are netted against each other, thus producing lower imbalance costs for its members. The savings are allocated among the participants according to Principles for distribution of imbalances in the balancing group of EVN Trading in compliance with the Electricity Market Rules (EMR) and the license of EVN Trading for a balancing group coordinator.

Our principles

The distribution of imbalances between the members of the balancing group is performed based on the principles of:
  • transparency, clarity and ease of applicability,
  • equal treatment of all members of the balancing group,
  • access provided to all members of the balancing group to the data related to the distribution of their imbalances,
  • fair distribution of imbalances among the BG members, whereby each BG member’s balancing expense is proportional to the member’s imbalance contribution.
EVN Trading distributes imbalances of the balancing group among its members on the basis of the monthly statement for settlement. The monthly statement for settlement for each month is received, from the ”Electricity System Operator” EAD (ESO), until the 10th day of the next month and represents a final physical and financial settlement of the BG.


In order to distribute the imbalances, EVN Trading calculates the monthly individual imbalances for each BG member in accordance with the EMR. The balancing expenses of the participant represent a sum of his negative and positive imbalance calculated in BGN.

The value of the p
ositive/negative imbalance of the corresponding participant is calculated by multiplying the individual positive/negative imbalance of each member of the group by a group weighted average price for the surplus/shortage.

Contractual relations

Pursuant to the EMR, the relationship between EVN Trading as a coordinator and the members of the balancing group is settled in a Contract for participation in standard/combined balancing group of EVN Trading.